Destinus, a European startup, has been developing a hydrogen-powered passenger jet that can reduce travel time from Europe to Australia to just over four hours, compared to the current 20-hour flight.

  The company has tested its prototype Eiger for the past two years and announced successful test flights at the end of 2022. Now, the Spanish Ministry of Science has chosen Destinus to take part in a strategic initiative and give them funds to do more research and development on a supersonic flight that uses hydrogen as fuel.

  Hydrogen power is the subject of a lot of research and development due to its green credentials, with the main byproducts of hydrogen combustion being heat and water.

  Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne have made 3D-printed catalysts that can power five-timesthe-speed-of-sound flight and cool down the extreme heat that is made when planes fly that fast. Future commercial airlines flying at those....

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