India has witnessed many brainy women who not only fought for the freedom of India but also sacrificed their lives to see their motherland free from the fetters of social evils. Kamla Chaudhry was one among them.

  She was one of the 15 women selected from across the country in the Constituent Assembly for drafting the Constitution.

  Kamla was dynamic as a devoted politician, committed social reformer and a talented short story writer who remained active in the upliftment of women through literature and politics throughout her life.

Early Life

  Kamla was born on 22 February 1908 into a well-placed family in Lucknow. Her father, Rai Manmohan Dayal, was a deputy collector and a staunch loyalist of the imperial government since the last two generations.

  Her maternal grandfather was the commander of Independent Awadh Forces at Lucknow in the first war of Independence in 1857.


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