The Chola Dynasty was the longest and the most influential dynasty that ruled South India. It thrived from the 9th century CE to the 13th century CE. The Empire is known for its contributions to art, culture and trade. The dynasty was divided into three phases:

ƒ The Early Cholas;

ƒ The Medieval Cholas;

ƒ The Later Cholas.

    The Chola Empire was in the fertile riverine basin of Kaveri. They ruled unified Peninsular India, south of the River Tungabhadra and held the territory as one state from 907 CE to 1215 CE. Notable rulers Rajaraja I and his successors Rajendra I, Rajadhiraja I, Rajendra II, Virarajendra, and Kulothunga Chola I transformed the Empire into a hub of culture and economy and a military dynamo in South India and Southeast Asia.

    The refinement of art and architecture during this period is magnificent to note. They utilised the wealth obtained from various conquests in these....

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